How it works

Within the Synthpop Shop, all artists, bands and creatives from the music business can list and sell their merchandise products and music. Even if you already have your own online shop, it makes sense and is possible to have your own shop in the Synthpop Shop as a central contact point for Synthpop fans. Generate more income now through our targeted marketplace.

How it works - You merch shop

Set up your shop without effort

Creating your gorgeous merch and music shop is done in a few simple steps. Just register as a vendor, upload the products you want to sell and start the sale. Don’t worry about the hassle of shop technology, maintenance or software licenses, we’ll take care of it.

1. Sign up as vendor

The registration as a vendor and the operation of the shop is free of charge. Please note that after the registration a manual activation will follow.
Sign up as a vendor now.

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2. Add your products

After the basic setup of your shop, you can add your products such as t-shirts, pins, mugs, music CDs or other merchandise. If you are missing a category, just contact us and we will take care of it.

3. Make sales

From now on, orders will arrive and you only have to ship the goods. As soon as the order is completed, we will transfer your money. Details about the fees can be found here on the page under ‘Fees.

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  • 10% transaction fee + €0.50 payment processing fee. When you sell an item, a small commission and a standard payment processing fee apply.
  • We process payments on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform with PayPal connectivity. Please keep in mind that the fees for payment processing vary depending on the banking country.

The way you make profit

A simple and clear calculation

An example calculation

You sell a t-shirt

Synthpop Shop fee (10%)

Payment processing fee (0,50 €)

25 €

– 2,50 €

– 0,50 €

Your profit

22 €

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